What is #ShadesOnStayStrong?

It started as a gesture between friends.

Shortly after my initial breast cancer diagnosis, a few friends conspired to fill my Facebook feed with pictures: of so many of my friends from different corners of the world wearing sunglasses and smiles.

This was the explanation:

Cassie Firenze, loving wife to Angelo, amazing mother to Nico, and extraordinary friend to hundreds, is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. In an effort to show support, her friends created this group to celebrate her strength during her fight. Just as Wonder Woman has her cape and lasso, Cassie has her sunglasses. We’re asking her friends to post photos of themselves with sunglasses and pink shirts (if possible) in a show of solidarity. #ShadesOnStayStrong

I arrived home from work one day (I worked through my IV chemo treatments) and checked Facebook: there were hundreds of faces cheering me on. This was social media at its best. Since then, it has become something of a rally cry. Join us. How do you #shadesonstaystrong?


      • staring Stage IV cancer in the face and not backing down
      • the beauty of human connection
      • finding the light, even when it might be hiding
      • gratitude
      • hope
      • determination
      • reaching out for help when you need it
      • family
      • friendship
      • Carpe Diem
      • paying it forward
      • polar plunges
      • fundraising for cancer care and research

It’s a way to say we are all in this together.

Share your pictures.

Take care of the ones you love.

Make someone’s day. Make it count.

Thank you!

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